The travel industry is moving toward greater adoption of the merchant model, bringing more focus to the importance of B2B payments and distribution strategies.

In our latest travel industry research paper, we explore the intersection of several trends: the use of indirect distribution channels by travel suppliers, the continued growth in the use of the merchant model, and the additional opportunities that open up when B2B payments are done right.

When coupled with an effective B2B payments strategy, the benefits of the merchant model are amplified for travel agencies and other stakeholders in the travel value chain.

The trend towards the merchant model seems set to continue, as does the demand for B2B payment choice, and, with it, the demand for virtual card numbers (VCNs) to increase the general benefits available from indirect distribution and protect all parties in the travel value chain.

What we’d like you to know:

  • How indirect distribution is a key part of the travel landscape
  • Why the merchant model is different from the agency model
  • How the merchant model delivers benefits across the travel value chain
  • Why WEX Virtual Cards Numbers are critical to maximizing benefits available from the merchant model
  • How COVID has forced a re-evaluation of these business models and payments strategies

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